Neo Norte

Neo Norte

Neo Norte Exhibition


Neo Norte is an exhibition inspired in Latin America conformed by a collective based in London. The launch event will be on the 9th of August 2018 19hrs. It attempts to challenge the traditional curatorial practices where still a Eurocentric vision predominates, thus promoting a own identity where Latin America is presented as a new creative direction. This event is free and is going to be opened to the audience from the 10th of August till the 1st of September from 10am – 19pm in Av. Nueva Providencia 1995 (Pedro de Valdivia Metro Station), Santiago, Chili.


The show curated by the artist Tere Chad, will include the participation of a international group of artists: César Baracca, Sofía Donovan, Roberta Bacic, Balint Alovits, Cathy Mou, Gordon Berger, Hebe Wang, Isaac de Reza, Javier Neira, Juan Covelli, Matteo Valerio, Nicolás Canal, Paula Turmina, Pierre Antoine Martin, and Susana Uvidia.


The exhibition is the result of a year of activities coordinated by Tere Chad, co-Founder of the Latinos Creative Society from the University of the Arts London, to promote Latin American culture in London. The Project is being done in collaboration with Fundación Cultural de Providencia (Cultural Centre) and the University of the Arts London.


You can find more available information about the event at: