Preparing Manifesto through Visual Collage

Members of the Latinos Creative Society gathered at POD A Room at CSM Library, to discuss their manifesto through  visual and collective process: Collage. Part of the materials to build the collage where donated by the Latin American House. This visual expressions will help to define the Manifesto performance they will present on the 11th of May 18 – 19hrs at Five Years, Archway.

UAL includes Latin American Books in their Collection

The University of the Arts London recently expanded their library collection by including a list of Latin American books that did not exist on the collection. The books are related to arts, design, crafts, culture, music, poetry and literature. Among the authors, some of them are Nobel Prize Winners and also have other important international awards.

The following books where a donation made by the Latin American House with help of Stefanie Borkum:

1.- Hombre de Maíz – Miguel Ángel Asturias

2.- Viento Fuerte – Miguel Ángel Asturias

3.- Obra Poética 192371977 – Jorge Luis Borges

4.- The Penguin Book of Latin America Verse – Enrique Caracciolo – Trejo

5.- Coronación – José Donoso

6.- Studies in Spanish – American Literature – Isaac Goldberg

7.- Cuba and the night – Pico Iyer

8.- Bajo el volcán – Malcom Lowry

9.- El Pozo – Juan Carlos Onetti

10.- La Estación Violenta  – Octavio Paz

11.- Latin American Literary Anthology – Peabody Trust

12.- Popol Vuh – Adrián Recinos

13.- Pedro Páramo – Juan Rulfo

14.- Percepciones – Gabriel Trujillo Muñoz

15.- Kathie y el Hipopótamo – Mario Vargas Llosa


Also Central Saint Martins with support of the Librarian Manager has bought the following books:

16.- Madwomen  – Gabriela Mistral

17.- Antipoems: How to look better & Feel Great – Nicanor Parra

18.- Rayuela – Julio Cortázar

19.- Witness: The Selected Poems – Mario Benedetti

20.- Cuentos y Poemas – Rubén Darío

21.- America my brother, my blood – Oswaldo Guayasamín y Pablo Neruda

22.- Leaving Tabasco – Carmen Boullosa

23.- Selected writings of Andrés Bello – Andrés Bello

24.- Cien años de soledad – Gabriel García Márquez

25.- Feast of the Goast – Mario Vargas Llosa

26.- The Villagers – Jorge Icaza

27.- The Tunnel – Ernesto Sábato

28.- Cuentos de la Selva – Horacio Quiroga

29.- Antología – Pablo de Rokha

30.- Manifiestos and Polemics in Latin American Modern Art – Patrick Frank

31.- Didácta de la Liberación. Arte conceptualista latinoamericano – Luis Camnitzer

32.- Arte Popular Latinoamericano: Nuevos Criterios de Valoración – Sonia Raqeul Vicente

33.- Fernando Szyszlo – Bruno Corà

34.- Jesús Soto in Conversation with Ariel Jiménez – Ariel Jiménez

35.- Secrets of Spinning, weaving and knitting in the Peruvian Highlands – Nilda Callanaupa

36.- Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina – Eduardo Galeano

37.- Micrograms – Jorge Carrera Andrade


The Latinos Creative Society is organizing a Poetry Reading to make tribute and thank UAL for the effort they have put on expanding their collection. It will be on the 27th of April 13 – 14 hrs, (Place to be confirmed). This is a very significant symbolic recognition  of Latin American Culture presence in the United Kingdom.